Astrid Salomon, filmmaker, photographer and writer.

As long as she can remember she loved observing people, to imagine their daily riffraffs, notice their little ticks and the cover ups with a too nice smile and perfect look. It is what's underneath the surface what really intrigues her the most. So the choice of the 20 year old was either psychology or photography and the promise of a little glamour won. Oh the contradictions! Another interesting part of our existence.

But enough back story.


Fast forward to 2020, she has merged her photographic experience into film, building a portfolio of an inherently female perspective, emotional and cinematic, across all different formats from commercials, short-form content, narrative and music videos. Her shorts were featured internationally at festivals in New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan.


She loves to work multi-disciplinary and is always interested in the process of true creative collaboration. She based in Australia and represented by Truce Films.


CLIENTS include: Maltesers, Nivea, Lidl, Target, Lindt, Aperol, Amorelie, Closed, Häagen Dazs





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